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May. 4th, 2010


Mural Voiced

Just imagine: Right now you have the power to write a book that could change the entire planet, and it would require no talent whatsoever.

Feb. 4th, 2010


(no subject)

it's the little things
really count.

Jan. 30th, 2010


Whales in a sea of grass

Last night I drempt that I was driving down the road and I saw a wheat field in the summertime. It was a tall golden sea of grain and as I drove I watched as a pod of Whales swam through it. I was amazed. It was so beautiful to watch them, it was almost like they were flying over the grass. The sunlight in the dream made everything look like gold. I pulled over the car, and I watched the pod of whales for a little while. Then a giant snail, the size of a house slid up next to me and said something about the weather. It was nice.

The new masters of the world.

It was in the middle of night here when it first happened. They came like a nightmare, shadowy and black out of the flesh of darkness. In the morning most of the survivors were wandering out into blackened cityscapes and terrifying rumors. Aliens. Aliens came and annihilated our leadership and there was no military. The world was crushed. After a week of scavenging in ruined supermarkets the harvest ships came. The took all of us. We couldn't resist, their technology, their weapons, something about them made us paralyzed as they took us on their ships.

They chose me to be the new leader of humanity.

They had to make a deal with us to stop the fighting.

They looked like giant cockroaches with hands.

"Hello! Human! We want to make you a deal, because now that we have this frontier land we need to have a nice understanding of each others space needs and living arrangements."

"We were just fine until you destroyed our planet."

"You forced us to do that because you wouldn't share willingly and you're too primitive and savage to trust."

"What reason is that to destroy our people and our world?"

"We have our reasons, the royalty of our world have given us sovereignty over this planet."

"What authority do they have over earth?"

"We just do... Anyway, we think the best thing we can do is give you your own reserved land so you can go about your business and not have to worry about any more unpleasant conflict with us."


"The moon."


"The moon, the one that circles your planet, it's the big white thing in the sky at night. You've seen it right?"

"Yes, I know what you're talking about, but there's no way humans can live on the moon."

"What are you talking about, it's just like earth, it's right next to the place where you used to live and it's very nice."

"There's no air on the moon."

"You could build some cities or something. It's possible."

"With what?"

"Well here, we'll give you 90,000 tons of gold, that should be enough to trade right?"

I wondered how much gold was worth to them.

"What is gold worth to your kind?"

"Its... Very valuable, we love it. Really, you have no idea how much we like our shiny rocks!"

it was sickening. They were paying us off with something they probably thought was trash.

"We need you to build us a city on the moon and teach us how to maintain it."

"Sure, sure. We'll get started right away it's very nice doing business with you."

I remember when they took me to the massive field where they had collected all of humanity, I looked at the faces of the people around me. I remembered thinking "On the brightside, at least we can open up casinos and bankrupt a few of these bastards."

Jan. 28th, 2010


The bargin

The war had taken a turn for the worst for Britain, the Kaiser’s war zeppelins were just on the red horizon like a flock of crows coming to pick the bones of London. For the first time in nearly six hundred years, Britain’s fleets had been crushed by foreign invaders and now the island would soon fall to the forces of evil. All hope was lost, London was in a panic, citizens and soldiers were running through the streets like ants rushing under an uncovered brick. Londoners were used to the bombing raids at this point, but now they knew that the Kaiser stood unopposed and his fleet would crush the city. Basements were filled with praying, terrified people expecting not to live through the night. Entire families, clutching their belongings tried hiding in the sewers below London. Nearly every storm drain had faces looking up from below watching the sky and waiting for the end. In the house of Parliament they waited, hoping that The Kaiser’s forces would contact them with the terms for surrender. Oblivion seemed near but all they could do was wait, wait and hope that their last moments weren’t coming soon.
“Gentlemen,” the prime minister said somberly “Tonight we await the end of Britain. I do not expect you to be waiting for death here with me. If you wish, those of you who would rather be with family at this time, I would not look down upon you for leaving now.”
A few men rose from their seats and started towards the exits. More followed them, as the prime minister kept his eyes down on the Podium.
“This is a day that will live in infamy.” And as he spoke the prime minister watched as the doors to parliament we flung open by a guard running to deliver a message.
“Sir, we’ve got a man at the front gate who says he can stop the German fleet.”
The young guard spoke out of breath.
“Nonsense.” The Prime minister nearly laughed, but he was too morose to even smile “No one can stop the Kaiser’s Air ships, they are invincible.”
“This man says he has a weapon that can crush the entire fleet sir.”
“What manner of man is he?”
“He claims to be a sorcerer, from Egypt sir,”
Those remaining in the hall of Parliament laughed.
“Egypt? An Arab is here saying he can stop an entire fleet of Ironclad Zeppelins? Boy have you gone daft?”
“Sir, it’s worth a shot. It couldn’t hurt the situation.”
That statement hit home with the PM, he knew that if only for a moment it would be worth humoring the boy with the chance of hope.
“Send him in.”

The Sorcerer was a tall dark man wearing long robes that flowed to his feet. He had a deep scar that ran across his face, from his forehead down to his cheek. He wore a long curved dagger on his belt and had several talismans hanging from his neck and they clanked as he walked slowly towards the PM. For a moment the Sorcerer seemed to be more like a ghost than any living man his movements seemed to make him float toward the podium.
“I am Amir Aziz, and I have come to make a bargain with you Britain.” The Sorcerer spoke with a clear voice that carried little accent.
“What would that be?”
“A kiss, but not just any kiss. I want a kiss from your queen.”
The prime minister smiled.
“Sure, whatever you want if you can stop the Kaiser.”
“I need to go on the roof of the tower of London.”
“Of course, anything you want.”
What a mad Arab, the PM thought to himself. The other members of parliament we laughing openly, but why not? They may as well watch and have a laugh while they waited for the end.

They followed the sorcerer to the roof of the tower of London and watched quietly snickering as he lifted his hands to the sky. In the distance the black zeppelins were growing larger and larger. The Sorcerer pulled a rod out from under his robes and started chanting in Arabic. He swirled the rod in the air above him and chanted louder and louder.
“This is truly depressing, I assumed that this would be funny for a moment but now I see how desperate people can be in trying situations.” The PM whispered to his aide. But in that moment the wind began to pick up, and swirl around the tower.
“Just a coincidence” the PM muttered.
A bolt of lightning cracked across the sky.
Suddenly the air around the tower was filled with clouds and smoke. A cone formed over the sorcerer and he chanted louder and louder. The cone became engulfed in flames and it looked like a tornado of fire was arching down from the sky.
The pillar of fire started swirling, heaving, and pulsing and slowly forming into a ball of fire. The ball of fire slowly started to grow fiery wings and soon took on the shape of a bird. The Phoenix. It let out a screech and beat its massive wings that shook the streets bellow. The legendary bird lit up the sky and darted towards the Kaiser’s fleet. The people still running in the streets all stopped and looked up in wonder. The great dragon-bird slammed into the first ship over the edge of London engulfing it in fire and causing it to burst in a turgid flaming explosion. The blast sucked into the firebird only making it larger and larger. It flew across the zeppelins like a blanket of fire incinerating them and cutting through their iron hulls like they were paper. Before a single bomb was dropped on London that night every single ship was incinerated. The phoenix flew back to the tower, it’s light illuminating the sky and it’s great wings beating hot air over the city. A great cheer came up from the streets. The tip of the firebird’s beak touched and it swirled into the sorcerer’s rod. Amir Aziz turned towards the remaining members of parliament with a broad smirk across his face.
The prime minister leaned over to the soldier and whispered; “Someone should contact the queen.”

Jan. 13th, 2010


Do you ever get the feeling?

That you're the worst at what you do the best?

Or worse, you think you have talent when you really don't.

Maybe you're just paranoid.

Jan. 11th, 2010


In the Kingdom of Dreams

Did you hear the story about the wealthy merchant who would take in the poor and have them leave his estate rich and established?

Mostly women and young boys who lived in Sol and didn't have anything in the world to hold attachment to. Every year he would take on on to his estate and then they'd leave with some wealth and and education.

Marina was a beggar and only 16 when the merchant offered her a place to live. With the choice of living in the streets of Sol with the reptiles and fiends she chose to take him up on his offer. He took her into his home which was a grand palace after the fashion of the Romans. Her first night in the merchant's place was an eye opener because he made it very clear that he wanted something in return.

The first night he took her into a small coliseum at twilight and he stripped naked. She stood there in the blue light, shocked as his armed guards held her in place as he nailed her feet to the ground and bent her over a chair. She looked up and noticed a few spectators in the stands watching and looking bored.

After he was done with her body he ripped her out of the ground and threw her into a pit. In this pit there were others. They were all the "Applicants" that the Merchant had in his stable. Whoever could live the longest in the pit was the one he would furnish into a new life of pomp and prestige.

This girl, she found a corner to crawl into and wait. She watched as the others, three boys and four other girls, raped and devoured each others corpses until there was only one other boy left. She crushed his skull in with a rock.

At the end of the month the merchant came and saw that she was the only one living in a room full of dry skeletons. He greeted her with a loaf of bread and some wine. Two years later she had returned from the alchemist university on a break and she visited the merchant. He told her that he did what he did because it would give her a better appreciation of the good things in her life because of the horror that she endured in the past. Then he took off his shoes, his feet had scars like they had been nailed down.

Jan. 5th, 2010


(no subject)

It was in the late afternoon, the hills were filled with foxes and birds and the sun shone red on the horizon. There was a small village on the edge of a kingdom that sat in the rolling green hills by the sea. The sky was golden and the trees were autumn dreams that shook soft rainbow leaves on the grass. In the distance past the valley there was a ruined castle that still stood from the last Great War between the forces of men and mages.

The mage who had escaped the hunt for the last witches was Jabber Wock ; a sinister alchemist who survived by murder and lies. Jabber escaped into the woods under his castle and took with him all the potions of magic he could gather as the knights charged his fortress tower. While running in the darkness of night the alchemist was desperate to survive as the last of his mage clan so he drank all the potions he had and left behind his staff and wand. Jabber while running suddenly became filled with magick powers but was stricken with insanity. As he charged back at his enemies he began to shriek and cried out in mystical pain. Under the light of the moon he felt something suddenly. The mixture of his potions had turned on him. The blending of dragon blood and rabbit spirits, insect pollens and unholy rage turned him into a creature that was damned by the light.

Jabber transformed into a creature that was neither dragon, nor a man. He charged the knights and devoured their flesh and slaughtered any who opposed him. Jabber had power now beyond a mage or a dragon.

But there was a catch, his soul was now damned to walk the earth by night because the sunlight would burn him as paper over candles. Every full moon Jabber would come down from the ruined castle and steal away a child from one of the villages. He would take the child back to his unholy tower and torture them until death because he could only feed off the pain of his victims.

In the nights watchmen would stand on towers and watch for the fiend but no one could stop him, and by the light of torches every full moon would be filled with the cries of children and mothers. Truly Jabber had become a curse upon those lands. Every would be hero who dared to take the tower was never seen again. The legend of the sorcerer dragon had spread across the land. All hope was lost.

One night the cries came from the house of the blacksmith his son Lewis had been snatched up by the foe, His cries echoed into the night as the evil wings beat the air and the soulless one stole another child into the darkness. The blacksmith’s family wept bitterly and the blacksmith swore revenge. He spent his nights awake and took on a project of crafting a sword engraved with holy glyphs to banish the powers of the demon. The Blacksmith pounded for days crafting the vorpal claymore that would slay the dark dragon. Finally after 7 days of toil the blacksmith was done crafting a perfect blade for vengeance.

On that night he slept, and his daughter Carol crept up to her father’s anvil and took the mighty blade down and left into the forest. When the Blacksmith awoke he had seen that his daughter was gone and the sword taken. He and his wife wept, because now it seemed that both their children were doomed.

Carol went to the forest and she met a hermit Seer who gave her advice. The Great Dragon would come out in the night to drink the blood of the birds as they slept in the trees. If she waited for the Dragon to come out she could cut off his head when he stretched it up to drink the blood of the birds in the trees. But the seer warned her not to fall asleep because then Jabber would see her helpless and devour her instead.

Carol found a tree full of birds and stood below it and thought. At midnight She heard the dragon walking through the trees. She hid herself in the shadows as the fire-eyed beast walked in the night. As it’s neck stretched long to drink the birds as they slept Carol sprung out from behind the tree. The dragon looked down on her and leaped to devour her. Carol hefted the vortex blade and brought it down on the neck of the demon, and severed it’s head. She took the blade and plunged it deep into the dragon’s heart and brought back head of Jabber Wock to her village.

It was in the late afternoon, the hills were filled with foxes and birds and the sun shone red on the horizon. There was a small village on the edge of a kingdom that sat in the rolling green hills by the sea. The sky was golden and the trees were autumn dreams that shook soft rainbow leaves on the grass. In the distance past the valley there was a ruined castle that still stood from the last Great War between the forces of men and mages.

Dec. 23rd, 2009


Visions of the dreamworld, while looking into the other side of the universe. God speaking to you.

while you're awake.

Dreamers paradise - about assassins.

The ape prototypes, verses the alien hybrids

Magical mixing of technology.

Mars was a second paradise that was made to house the apes. They nuked each other. Deep intense expansions in the universe. Venuses paradise ended when the ultra-hybrids were dumb enough to let their planet die.

Their dreamers died on the inside. Trapped inside.

Mars died on the outside as well.

Dreaming in a dream of a dream of a dream of a dream of a dream of a dream.

A chain in the universe. Stephen King ripped off the bible.

Seriously, think about the cultural implications. I'm deadly serious here, like a mercury crazed hatter taming the jabberwocky.

A daisy chain of fragile writers.

I am one of them.

Hospital nightmare memories, painkillers kill more than just pain. Look at the deepest pool in the center of the universe. There were right about it. Build a doctor kits.

Mental hospital godess. Mare.

There is truth in yourself. Terrifying angels fighting brother apes in a shit stew salad. Horror at every angel. But the army of God serves only God.

God damn, this is what?

No nothing. Know no, no know. He was so dumb. Strange days indeed.

T'was brillig and the slythe toves
did gyre and gimble in the wabe.
all mimsy were the borogroves and
the mome wrathes outgrabe.

Beware the jabberwock my son.

CRAZY PILLS porter county Hoax.
Going crazy.
see this, what do? The fuckers are raeping the frequency bandwith. memes are codes.

Dec. 20th, 2009


The hunter and the darkness.

I remember we went out in the woods when Jim would tell us this story. One night in the autumn of '05 he was hunting in northern Canada. He was all alone and it was late at night, he was sitting there by the campfire cooking some beans or something. Whatever it is that mountain men make when they are alone in the woods. Well, Jim is sitting there cooking his food out of the can and he's just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors when suddenly he starts to notice the sound of twigs breaking behind him.

The sound of twigs breaking right behind him.

The sound of breathing.

Jim turns to look and what he sees is something that horrifies him. In the darkness he sees this figure standing about 9 feet tall. This bulky, hairy frame staring at him, breathing loudly. Announcing it's territory to Jim. Whenever Jim tells us this story he always mentions this one thing. The eyes. He couldn't see anything other than the frame of this creature and the eyes which were glowing orange in the firelight.

The instant terror that he felt is something that I still can't imagine. Thinking quick, Jim lunged for his rifle thinking it was the only chance he had. But it was too late. The Sasquatch was already on top of him. With one hand it had him by the throat and pressed against a tree about three feet off the ground. Jim knew, he was going to die. The creature leaned in on Jim and sniffed him.

Jim felt it's other hand sliding up his chest and stopping right over his heart. It was feeling his heartbeat.

Suddenly Jim made a very disturbing discovery. He realized that this Sasquatch, it was a girl. It's massive hairy breasts glowing in the firelight.

Jim usually stops telling the story there, and then he just limps off to bed.

But every now and then you can just look at him and really see that he's thinking. Thinking that somewhere out there, there might some little bigfoot looking for a daddy.

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